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Smart Scheduling Solution for
Meetings and Businesses

Streamline the planning of appointments, booking, and business activities with features like automated scheduling, seating arrangements, event management, and the power of AI.

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Improve Efficiency,
without any Scheduling Hassles

Schedule meetings on the go

Quickly and conveniently plan meetings while on the move, streamlining your schedule management and enhancing productivity.

Manage all your appointments

Effectively handle all your appointment-related tasks, enhancing your time management capabilities and boosting productivity.

Organize seats for your attendees

Effectively manage seating arrangements for your event attendees, guaranteeing all participants have a smooth experience.

Automate with the power of AI

Utilize the potential of AI-driven automation to simplify processes and extend productivity across your tasks and projects.

Scheduling types that you can utilize

Schedule Type One

Single host and single attendee

Have a One-to-One Meeting with a Single Host

Schedule Type Two

Single host with multiple participants

Arrange a single host meeting with many attendees

Single host with seat arrangement

Same with many attendees, with a Seat Arrangement

Create Seat Reservation Canvas with Time Scheduling for


Movie Theatres

Beauty Salons

Conference Hall



Seat Plan Image
Seat Arrangment Image

Multi-Style Seat Arrangement

Efficiently manage diverse seat arrangements to suit various styles and preferences.

Seat Arrangment Image

Canvas-based Drag-and-drop Design

Unlock personalized User-friendly drag-and-drop design on a digital canvas.


Dedicated Niche Based Solution

Explore specialized solutions tailored to your unique niche requirements.

Seat Arrangment Image

Intelligence Based Event Experience

Enhance event experiences with intelligence-driven enhancements and insights.

Simplify Scheduling
Maximize Results

Add Team Member

Add your team, Streamline your meetings

Create Your Online Brand with Custom Domain Option

Tailor your web address to reflect your brand, making it memorable and distinctive for your audience.

Niche-based seating arrangement made it easy to manage business booking

Our niche-based seating arrangement simplifies business bookings, providing tailored solutions that perfectly align with your business needs.
Business Solution

Create, set, and go with AI-powered Event Management Solution

Seamlessly plan and execute your events with precision using advanced automation and intelligent tools, streamlining every aspect of event organization and selling tickets.
Stripe Payment

Secure Payment Processing to Streamlined Billing and Payments

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with robust secure payment getaways for efficient billing and payment management.

Automate Repetitive Business Task with Timetics

Get Timetics Pro to unleash your business’ potential and create storm in your industry.

Perfect for Service Holders and Corporations alike

    Automotive Services
    Pet Groomers
    Cleaning Services
    Recruiting and HR
    sports & training
    hairdresser salon
    home service
    movie theater
    tutor & education center
    legal & financial service
    tech support
    Gym & Yoga
    coach & trainers
    music teacher
    sales & marketing
    personal service
    professional service
    tutor & education center
    hairdresser salon
    movie theater

Integrate your Favorite Platforms

integration image

Automate Repetitive Business Task with Timetics

Get Timetics Pro to unleash your business’ potential and create storm in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Timetics unique?

Timetics gives you a comprehensive journey from letting your customers book an appointment, and plan seating arrangements for offline sessions, to organizing events and converting your clients smoothly.

How does it compare with Trafft/Calendly/others?

Timetics has a few aces up the sleeve with Visual Seat Planner and Event Management features, so you can make online schedules while planning out your entire event and seat planning with customer Tickets, pricing and so much more.

How does Timetics use the power of AI?

Timetics uses OpenAI to give your clients personalized recommendations on your services, based on their booking history. Also, we’re working on two more AI features on our roadmap: AI-powered location and AI chatbot.

How can someone use Timetics despite being in different industry?

If you run a service business in need of appointments, meetings and events: Timetics is perfect for you. Just sign up and answer a few questions to get a personalized dashboard based on your niche, business, and preferences. No hassle, no coding, just Timetics.

Does Timetics provide agency accounts?

Sure thing, we’re working on Agency accounts on our roadmap right now, as we’re promising our clients who need agency accounts to give your ‘clients’ a smart time-saving experience.

Which payment gateways are supported?

Yes, Timetics has Stripe and PayPal payment integrations to make your payment process smooth and flexible.