Affiliate Privacy Policy

Getting Started

Let’s take a look at policy, and steps to be part of our largest-growing community.

How Does It Work?

As a potential affiliate partner for Timetics, you can earn a 30% commission for sales generated through your affiliate links for our products. This includes Timetics and anything with Timetics that is available on our website.

To join our affiliate program, you need to follow the steps below and create an account on our platform. Before you apply, make sure to go through the program policy first, to understand the Dos and DON’Ts of being an affiliate partner.

How Do I Get Started?

First off, create a personal account and register as a Timetics affiliate. Please note, that all your activities related to the program & its progress will be monitored & recorded here. You can log into your account anytime to take a quick look at all your referrals, payouts, visits, etc.

How Do I Promote

We have prepared a full set of promotional materials for your convenience. You can access them by logging in to your account and browsing the affiliate marketing section. If you need any specific content that is not provided, you can email us your request and we will take it into consideration.

Do’s and Dont’s for Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can be a lucrative source of income if you follow the best practices. Here are some key points to remember when you share your affiliate link.


  • Promote on Social Media.
  • Create eye-catchy & compelling videos on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms
  •  Write blogs, articles, and other marketing content on
  • Conduct marketing campaigns for via email
  • Use the Timetics AI logo and banners on your website, email marketing content, and other promotional channels.
  • Provide affiliate links to all email subscribers.


  • Any misdirected or false advertisement of for more sales.
  • Using affiliate links on deals & coupons.
  • Attempt unethical strategies to manipulate search engines.
  • Use your own affiliate link to make personal purchases.
  • Spam irrelevant websites with affiliate links.
  • Use affiliate links on competitors’ websites of

How do I earn?

As an affiliate partner, you will receive a 30% commission for each successful purchase made through your referral link. Your earning potential is unlimited, as there is no cap on the monthly amount you can earn. The more you spread the word about us, the more opportunities you will have to earn.

When will I get paid? has a 15-day refund policy for, and you will receive the payment once that particular campaign or period is cleared. The remuneration calculated from the generated commissions will be sent to your account at the end of the next month. For instance, if you generated 8 sales in June, you will get your remuneration on July 15th.

How do I get the payment?

Timetics AI processes payments via Payoneer or PayPal for affiliates. You are required to create a Payoneer or PayPal account and make sure that your email address has been registered correctly on your affiliate account. Please note that the minimum payout is $100 USD, failure to achieve the target will lead to no payment. Any incomplete account will not be eligible for payments for that cycle.

P.S. Please note that the minimum payout is $100 USD, after which you can request for payment. And the last sales of the campaign should be 15 days old before requesting the payment.  

Can I use Paid Ads to Promote

There are some restrictions on how you can use your affiliate link. Please avoid using keywords related to Timetics brands, such as “Timetics”, “Timetics AI”, “Timetics SaaS”, or any variations of them. Make sure not to buy ads that redirect to your site(s) or through an affiliate link that might compete with advertising. Contact us via email if you need more clarification, before creating your affiliate account.

How Does the Affiliate Cookie Work?

When someone clicks on your affiliate URL and gets redirected to the website, a cookie is set with your affiliate ID they clicked on. These are set for unique customers only, so that only the customers who visit for the first time will be considered as a sale.

However, in case the user visits site and already has a cookie, it will be considered they have been redirected from another affiliate link and are looking for more information or product research before purchasing. In that manner, the new affiliate cookie will not be counted and once the purchase is done, the first affiliate cookie which was set up by the first referrer will receive the commission.  

Changes in Affiliate Program Policy reserves the right to change affiliate policy from time to time to stay updated. All the members of the affiliate program will be given change notice but encourages all its members to visit the site and check on the policy updates.

By proceeding to be part of our affiliate program, you consent & accept these changes and oblige thereby.