Features to Make Bookings

Versatile features that can help you to automate and take your business to new heights.

Meeting Solution at The Palm of Your Hand

Create all the meetings, appointments, and staff members you need. Get everything done in a single platform.

Create Unlimited Meetings

Create as many meetings as you need without any constraints.

Multiple Meeting Types

Depending on your meetings, you will be able to choose among 3 types of meetings

Set Meeting Availability

Set a customized availability schedule for yourself.

Single/Multiple Day Meeting

You can create either a single-day meeting or a meeting that will occur multiple days.

Staff Member Availability

Your staff members can create their custom availability routine.

Set Multiple Pricing Tiers for Tickets

Set multiple pricing tiers for various tiers of customers e.g. regular, VIP, and VVIP.

Availability Preference

Overwrite the availability schedule and choose when you won’t be available.

Detailed Analytics & Report

Get detailed analytics and make a data-driven decision for your business.

Auto TimeZone Detect

Timetics will convert the time according to the current time in your timezone.

Reschedule Appointments

You can change your appointment’s schedule easily.

Recurring Appointments

Schedule same appointments repeatedly with ease.

Manage Staff Members Efficiently

Let the plugin solve your management for you and you just sit back and watch.

Unlimited Staff Members

Add as many staff members as you need and no need to pay an extra dime for that.

Manually Add Staff Members

Add your staff members on your own and reduce onboarding hassles

Send Invitation Email to Staff

Send an invitation email to your staff members to start their journey with you.

Personal Profile for Staff

Provide a personal profile and password to your staff members.

Custom Staff Availability

Let your staff decide when they feel comfortable taking appointments

Connect Personal Gmail ID for Google Meet

Staff can continue their virtual meetings with Google Meet using their personal Gmail.

Automate Repetitive Business Task with Timetics

Get Timetics Pro to unleash your business’ potential and create storm in your industry.

Manage Bookings at Any Time, From Anywhere

Sit back on your chair and let the Timetics plugin handle the bookings and appointments for you.

Create Unlimited Bookings

Create an unlimited number of bookings as you possibly need.

Customers/Clients can Book from The Frontend

Let your customers/clients book for themselves whenever they need

Manual Booking Can be Done at any time

Got a special person to book? Manually book their seats.

Customizable Booking Form

Customize the booking form and add your preferred custom fields.

Keep Count of The Meeting Invitees

Add the number of meeting invitees while booking a meeting.

Powerful Integrations to Make Life Easy

With excellent integrations comes easier life. Make the best use of the integration to take the right decisions

AI Integration (First Phase)

Meetings will be recommended to customers according to their booking history.

Google Calendar Integration

Keep track of your meetings by using Google Calendar.

Google Meet Integration

You can do virtual meetings in Timetics through Google Meet.

Paypal Gateway Integration

You will be able to take appointment payments using PayPal payment gateways.

Stripe Payment Integration

Receive payments through the Stripe Payment Gateway.

WhatsApp/Telegram Notifications

Users will be able to send automated WhatsApp and Telegram notifications.

Zoom Integration

No need to be stuck with Google Meet anymore. Zoom integration is on the way.

Outlook Calendar Integration

Keep track of your meetings and bookings through Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

iCal Integration

Keep track of your meetings and bookings through iCal

Pabbly Integration

Automate your business operations with Pabbly Integration.

Zappier Integration

Automate your business operations with Zapier Integration.

Got Any Game Changing Ideas?Share Them in Our Roadmap.

Great Features Are in The Pipeline

A lot of new exciting features are in our pipeline and you will be able to use them very soon

Buffer Time Between Meetings

Meeting creators can add buffer time before and after the meeting.

Customer Ticket Specific QR Code

This feature will bring unique and  actionable QR Codes to the ticket.

Limit People from Overbooking

This feature is for taking limited users off the waiting list.

User Onboarding

A beautiful onboarding experience is under development.

Limit People from Overbooking

This feature is for taking limited users off the waiting list.