General FAQ's

Does Timetics integrate with Google Calendar?

Definitely! Timetics allows you to schedule your appointments & meetings using Google Calendar integration.

Which payment gateways are supported?

Yes, Timetics has Stripe and PayPal payment integrations to make your payment process smooth and flexible.

Can I integrate with custom webinar /meeting tool?

For now, you can run meetings with Google Meet and Zoom integration. But we’ll soon bring more integrations for your ease.

Does it support French? Or any other languages?

Not yet, but we will add multiple languages in the second phase, especially French and Spanish. 

Does Timetics support Single Sign-on?

Not yet, but we will consider ‘Single Sign-on’ feature based on the Feature request. 

How do we know the data entered is kept safe and secure?

Timetics always puts customers first, and we ensure total safety with the data kept in the database and give utmost regard to our policy. You can check our privacy policy here.