How to Take Meeting Minutes Like a Pro (+templates)


Meeting notes help you present the overall map of a meeting, share it with attendees, and make effective decisions.

However, writing these minutes for a meeting is not as easy as it sounds. It should be precise, easy to read, and represent all the discussion points that have been taken by the leads.

Therefore, in this blog, I am going to show you the process of how to take meeting minutes like an expert. 

So let´s begin– 

🚀 5 Simple Steps for Writing Effective Meeting Minutes

Effective meeting minute writing requires attention to details and the experience of the person who is writing it. 

However, following some data-driven methods can help you save time, maximize meeting efficiency, and run more successful meetings

So, let´s learn more about the process of how to take meeting minutes following just five simple steps–

Step 01: Prepare a Clear and Concise Template

Meeting minute templates (aka meeting notes templates) are pre-designed maps to record your meeting notes. These can be a document or a simple Google sheet that helps you track your meeting´s all important points in a structured and organized manner. 

The core purpose of using a meeting notes template is to present a meeting´s key points accurately and improve its visibility for the attendees. 

Thus, when you plan to start taking minutes for meetings, focus on having a clear and concise template first. A well-structured meeting notes template can boost your meeting performance, and help you write notes more efficiently. 

The template should have a concise design structure so that it becomes easier for attendees to track information. Besides, focus on covering the details like sharing the agenda items, key discussion points, and decisions. 

Designing a standardized template with precise details will help you maintain consistency. Thus, you and your team do not miss any important topics. 

Step 02: Stay Neutral and leverage Recordings

Meetings can be short and again can be immersively long. It completely depends on the discussion topic. While it is easy to keep track of meeting discussion points in short meetings without a record, this approach is not professional. 

However, when remembering the key discussion points and important topics of a lengthy meeting, the chances of mistakes arise. It also helps the note taker to stay neutral by avoiding their own opinions or interests while writing notes. 

In that case, you can leverage using a meeting recording. Whether it´s an audio record or a video, the resources will offer you a reliable reference to create accurate meeting notes. Even months later, you can still utilize these resources to extract valuable information and bring data-driven results for your business.

Not only that, you can even go back and forth with your records to reduce confusion about a particular topic. You and your participants can also understand a discussion more clearly by utilizing them. This will also ensure your business develops a better decision-making process to achieve smoother success. 

Step 03: Take notes while attending the meeting

Before arranging a meeting, define who should take notes while the management will focus on the discussion. When you assign a particular person to a specific job, each of them can ensure accuracy to increase efficiency.

So, assign someone from the team to actively take meeting notes while the meeting is in progress. They can focus on scripting key points and action items, and later match the note with the recording. 

Here are a few tips you should follow while scripting action items and meeting notes for your next meeting- 

  1. Keep them short yet concise. 
  2. Prefer active voice. 
  3. Use abbreviations. For instance ´D´ for decision, ´Q´ for question, etc. 
  4. Use digital devices for a faster process.
  5. Focus on decisions and topics related to them.

Step 04: Get a meeting minute transcriptor

Meeting minute transcriptors or recording transcription software are solutions that help people automatically generate meeting transcriptions. 

These tools offer a text version of what has been said during a meeting so sales teams can take meeting minutes more efficiently. You can also find a variety of online meeting minutes transcriptors like Notta, Rewatch, and Transcrible that you can utilize to transcribe all your meeting recordings. 

The most interesting fact about these tools is that most of them come with an AI feature. So, you can accomplish more in less time and ensure an improved meeting quality. They also offer a free package, so your team can test them out before jumping into any wrong investment.

Step 05: Match your notes for a Final Draft

Now, once you have an automated written transcript in your hand, it´s time to give it a manual check before submitting it. 

Firstly, match the transcripts with the notes you have taken while the meeting was ongoing. Adjust your notes and the transcripts to create a more clearer, and precise draft. 

When you are done, proofread the final draft for any grammatical and factual errors. Share the notes with your meeting leads so they can confirm the data. Once the meeting note is approved by the senior committee, you are now ready to share the meeting minutes with the attendees or clients. 

📑 Meeting Notes Templates to Win Every Meeting You Host

In business meetings, numerous types of topics can be discussed. Even, not every meeting has the same discussion points. Some can focus on the client´s problem-solving while others can focus on closing a deal. 

While businesses cover a pack of meetings in every aspect, these also can be organized into particular types. So, you can have a solid goal for that particular meeting and prepare pre-plan templates. 

Here are the 2 most common types of pre-designed meeting note templates businesses need. 

1. General Meeting Notes Template

General meeting notes templates are ideal for every general business meeting. While these meetings don´t need to be formal however the discussion can lead to innovation and a creative session! 

Best for: Project update meetings, regular team meetings, budget planning, decision-making, etc.


2. Client Meeting Minute Template

Whether you are onboarding a new client or closing a project, client meeting minutes templates can assist you in fostering clearer communication and effective decision-making. You can have a structured client conversion process by utilizing pre-designed templates.

Best for: Project management, consultation, testimonial interview, and all other client-related meetings. 


📋 FAQs on Taking Meeting Minute

1. What are the Meeting Notes/ Minutes?

Meeting minutes or meeting notes are written records of meeting discussions. They include all the major and minor points that are related to meeting goals and decisions. 

2. Why should I write Meeting minutes? 

Meetings minutes are formally organized documents of your all your meetings. You can get insights into your clients´ behavior, and decision-making data, and utilize them for a better business operation in the future. 

3. Can I write Meeting minutes on my own?

Yes. While some meeting notes require expert note-takers, anyone can write meeting minutes leveraging tactics like actively listening, noting key points, and recording the meeting.

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📈 Create Effective Meeting Minutes and Drive More Conversion

Meetings are meant to be data-driven and bring productive solutions. But, it is only possible when you can conduct it successfully.

Effectively taking meeting notes can ensure all important discussion points are covered accurately to convey a clearer message.

To improve your meetings, use helpful tools like for scheduling and meeting transcriptors for note-taking. These tools can enhance your business management and allow you to put your best step forward

Now, when you have the right tool in the right hand, you are ready to run meetings, prepare notes, and drive conversion! Utilize this guide on how to take meeting minutes and celebrate your success!