5 Easy Steps to Effective Parent-teacher Conferences Scheduling


Parent-teacher conferences stand as a great communication strategy between a teacher and a parent. It allows parents to collect teacher feedback and student assessment and assess their child´s academic progress in terms of setting the students up for improvements. 

Traditionally, teachers send invitation letters sharing fixed time slots. However, this approach can lead to various obstacles such as students forgetting to hand over the invitation letter to parents.  

However, scheduling parent-teacher meetings should not be that hard in this modern era! There is a bundle of solutions that can simplify the meeting process for educational institutions.  

In this blog, we are going to discuss the steps and ways to parent-teacher conference scheduling in it´s best way possible– 

Leverage Appointment Scheduling Software for Efficient parent-teacher conferences


As technology emerges to its best form, we have noticed many businesses and organizations automating their workflow processes. Even later on, many robust software platforms are also offering solutions mastered with the power of AI. 

What comes in the results? Businesses can now speed up their daily process times faster than before. Works are getting completed with better quality and in a more productive way. Besides, AI-powered virtual assistance allows individuals to enhance their learning skills. 

As every industry giant has a solution that can boost their productivity, so do the service businesses as well. Software solutions like Timetics meeting scheduler software are offering dynamic approaches to simplify users´ appointment scheduling process. 

Here are some solutions Timetics.Ai offers to its users- 

  • Allows users to book appointments directly to their attendees’ calendars. 
  • Helps businesses schedule bookings for people outside their organization. 
  • Sends automated meeting reminders to attendees’ inboxes and calls.
  • Helpful user interface that makes it easy to master the platform. 
  • Real-time calendar syncing with zero error. 
  • Visual seating arrangement helps educational institutions conduct successful events. 
  • Offers team collaboration.
  • Allows to add multiple hosts in a single meeting.  

Timetics meeting scheduler doesn´t even compromise with users’ freedom. It offers an intuitive white-label dashboard that anyone can stand out from the crowd with a personalized booking form. 

Teachers can create a meeting at once, share it with unlimited invitees, and utilize that one meeting for various meetings. 

Now, let´s master the steps of how you can schedule a meeting in the easiest way possible-

How to Schedule Parent-teacher Conferences with Timetics 

Step-01: Get access to Timetics

To explore the Timetics.ai meeting scheduler feature, visit the website and click on the ´Start Free´ button. 


This will open a registration page where you need to input your email address and name. However, if you are already logged in to the site, you don´t have to re-register on the platform. 

Here, input your details and select ´Register Now´.


Now, this will take some time to create a completely different workspace for you under your registered email. 


After a moment, you will get a personal dashboard where you can create meetings, assign team members, and track booking analytics, everything from one dashboard.


Step-02: Create Meeting

Now click on the ´Calender´ menu from the left sidebar. This will lead you to a dedicated page from where you can create multiple meeting types, book appointments for your student´s parents, and even create a virtual seat map for an upcoming event for your educational institution. 

Click on the ´Create meeting´ from here. 


Now, select what type of meeting you would like to create. Here, as a free user, you are allowed to create only one-to-one meetings. If you are a teacher, this will help you easily fulfill your work without breaking the bank. However, if you want to use it for your entire institution, purchasing a suitable plan might needed. 


Once you select your desired meeting type, a new form will appear. Here you have to select the location type, estimated date ranges, your team member´s available time, expected duration, etc. 


Step-03: Add Meeting Details 

Once you are done filling out the ´Create a one-to-one meeting´ form, select ´Create meeting´. Then, a new page will appear allowing you to add and update meeting details. 

From the Basic Info setting, you can add detailed meeting descriptions or meeting minutes in the Description box. Even, you can categorize this conference based on the meeting´s characteristics. It will help you better organize and navigate your parent-teacher conferences for all classes without any disruption. 


Step-04: Update Meeting Settings 

In this section of updating the created meeting, you can bring severe changes to its settings. You can change your time availability, add booking questions, add integrations, etc from here. 

Simply select the items from the sidebar where you want to update the default settings. Set the changes as you need and move forward by clicking on ´Save Updates´


P.S: You can check the documentation to get a thorough guide on updating your parent-teacher meeting settings or get a better idea from the tutorial guide– 

Once you are done creating and updating the meeting, it´s time to copy the meeting link and share it with your desired attendees. 


But before you share the link, you can always look into the booking page by selecting the ´Preview ↗️´ button. 

You can then go through various things like testing whether the form is working, checking the meeting details, and then updating if needed. 

Once you are happy with your progress, you are ready to copy and share your meeting link via emails, and messages, and even attach the link to your institution’s website. 

Now, let´s look at what your parent-teacher meeting page looks like in a thorough step– 


Here, on Timetics, the page contains your teacher’s image and name. What it can offer you, is parents can get easily familiarized with the teacher before attending the conference. This will lead a teacher to conduct a more productive meeting by maintaining a friendly conversation. 

Moreover, at the bottom of the meeting page, you can see the Timetics branding. It helps you build reliability and trustworthiness in the parents’ minds so that they would get no suspicion while utilizing your booking link. 

In this modern time, all the links on the web are not legit. So, utilizing a popular appointment scheduling software ensures your attendees a reliable online experience that they can trust without any confusion. 

Apart from these, your attendees can get a complete dashboard to book their appointment in a more user-friendly interface. They can easily access the meeting time, and venue, and get a collection of time slots which they can prefer as per their availability. 

Parents will not get confused or stuck in any position while scheduling meetings. 

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Revolutionize Your First  Parent-teacher Meeting with Online Booking Systems

Congratulations on Your first parent-teacher conference creation utilizing the power of modern technology. 

As you walk through the journey, you can see arranging meetings for Academic Progress and student assessment is way smoother using an automation platform. 

Appointment scheduling software like the Timetics scheduling tool can help you create, organize, monitor, and track meeting updates in a dynamic method. The tools are well-developed and dedicated to offering you a smoother booking experience. 

So, whether you are a running salon business or an educational organization, let go of the traditional manual booking. Let your productivity boost to a new height using solutions like the Timetics scheduling tool.